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The Only HD/4K/360 Video Hosting App With

Personalized Landing Pages & Piracy Protection

Host Your Own Video Channels, Sell Courses + Much More

Publishing Videos Is Costly, Complicated & Kills Time

You Need A Dozen Apps To Get The Job Done

Video Recording Apps
To record your video.
Transcribing Apps
To record To get a full video transcript for extra content & SEO benefits. video.
Subtitling Apps
To add subtitles to your video for extra engagement.
Transcoding  Apps
To resize your video for different social platforms .
Video Hosting Apps
To host & serve your videos without buffering.
Page Building Apps
To build your landing pages, content & offers.
Private Channel Apps
To showcase your videos & content without third party ads or branding.
Course Membership Apps
To sell your video content to others.

Using Multiple Apps Costs $1000’s Per Year!

Creating & publishing videos today is a minefield. You need a dozen apps just to get the job done & you have to pray all these apps work together well. You have to wait for you videos to upload & download between apps. All this effort kills time & wastes $1000’s of your hard earned cash.

+ You Constantly Have To Upload/Download Videos

Which Kills 100’s Of Hours Of Your Time

Mainstream Video Hosting Platforms Are Crazy Expensive

With Charges Of $200 - $4700 Per Year For A Highly Restricted Service
Prices shown were valid on 11th July 2023
Video publishing vendors love restrictions, they restrict your bandwidth, restrict number of videos you can host, restrict number of videos you can record etc.

And If You Breach Any Limit You Get A Big Fat Bill

Hosting Vendors Love To Charge You EXTRA Given Any Opportunity
Restricted Bandwidth
Limited Video Quantity
Restricted Video Length
Restricted Recording

If You Use ‘Cheap’ Hosts You Risk Video Lag & Buffering

Which Kills Conversions & Hammers Your Ad Spend
Choosing a Video Host is Mission Critical

With exception your page builder or website hosting video hosting is the most critical choice you have to make in your online business.

Not all services are equal, you need need absolute reliability, global delivery & most importantly proven speed or what you save in hosting will cost you massively lost ad revenue & sales.

Free Tube Sites Compress Your Videos,

Plaster Their Branding & Inject Ads

Ruining Your Video Quality, User Experience & Return On Ad Spend
Third Party Ads & Branding Ruin Your ROAS

If you use “free” hosting via popular tube platforms then it's not really free, someone has to pay the bill & it's usually you with lower conversions as these platforms plaster their branding & inject ads into the player

Having third party branding on your video player also shows that you are unwilling to pay for private video hosting to your audience.

If You Use ‘Cheap’ Hosts You Risk Exposed To Piracy

Videos Are Easily Copied / Downloaded & Shared
99% of Paid Videos are Stolen & Shared

In a few clicks you can download any video from almost any platform. Pirates often crop/edit these with their own branding, sell your content cheap or post it free on torrent sites.

Fact is 99% of videos have no protection from downloads, iframe sharing which means your valuable videos are shared as soon as they are posted.

Finally, There’s A Better Solution


Lightning Fast, Full Featured HD / 4K / 360 Video Hosting

With 100% Flawless Playback WITHOUT Buffering

With World Class Features:

Add in video chaptering to notify viewers of content change
Appearance Control
Total control of how your video will look including skin color & button style
Playlists / Channels
You can select multiple videos to create a playlist or channel
Create/edit video transcriptions so you can use these for subtitles & extra content for your SEO
Add subtitles to any of your videos for extra engagement on social platforms & sales videos
Resize your videos to 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p for faster load speeds / mobile applications
Schedule & stream your videos using a special Iframe for your live sessions/webinars
Player Control
Select which player controls you wish to show your viewers for better / restricted experience
Domain Control
Select the domains that are allowed to host your iframe for better video security - blocks iframe sharing
Responsive Embeds
Our Iframes come with responsive code that will allow your video to resize to the page container
Email Embeds
This allows you to share an animated GIF clips of your video with your link for your email campaigns
Direct Video Links
You can share a video with & without password protection by a direct link - simply copy & paste
Chromecast & Airplay
Stream your videos to compatible device directly from your Apple & Androind phones for full screen video
Easy Video Imports
Import existing videos from Dropbox, Wistia, Vimeo, Youtube, One Drive Google Drive, S3
Check out your views, impressions, clicks, watch time, engagement rate + more

Works In 3 Easy Steps

Easily upload or record or import your videos
Change your player skins & video options
Publish & share anywhere!

Record Videos

Directly From The App

In Landscape & Portrait Mode With Our Built-in Recorder

Stream Your Videos

Direct To Websites/Pages

Stream Your Recordings At A Specific Time

Play Any Video File Using Vidstream Pro Player

Directly From Cloud / Youtube / S3 / Wistia / Vimeo / Google Drive / Dropbox / OneDrive

& Save On Your Video Storage Allowance
You can use the Vidstream Pro player to play any video hosted on any cloud service which gives you extra storage & allows you to host extra videos.

Get 3 Exclusive Features

You Won’t Find On Any other Hosting App
Personalized Channels
Build your following with your own branded channel & playlist.
Instant Landing Pages
Turn any video into your own branded landing page in a few clicks.
Multi Thumbnail Tools
Use multiple tools & 1M+ images to create your perfect thumbnail.


Create Your Own Personalized Video Channels In a Few Clicks

& Grow Your Audience WITHOUT Third Party Ads or Branding

Step #1
Create your Channel
Step #2
Select Your Videos / Collections
Step #3
Publish & Enjoy


Create Instant Video Landing Pages
Without Coding Or Block Building
Reduce Page Building Effort By 90%
Simply Upload Your Logo, Add Your Own Menu Items

Create Fully Branded

Video Landing Pages In 3 Easy Steps

Step #1
Add Your Own Menu Items & Branding
Step #2
Select Video Player Style
Step #3
Add Call To Action Buttons


Get Instant Animated

& Static Thumbails

Optimized Snapshot Thumbnails
Animated Gif Thumbnails
Create Your Own Thumbnail
Select From Millions of Royalty Free Images or Use Your Own
Add Your Own Text / Block Elements / Filters + More

Create & Sell Your Own Courses

In A Few Clicks *Optional

Just Choose Your Videos & Personalize Your Page
*Optional Upgrade Offered In The Funnel

Protect Your Videos

With Corporate Grade Video Security

Anti-Piracy Protection
Our strong DRM security blocks your videos from being downloaded using the same technology as Netflix & Amazon Prime.
Add your own logo to your videos to discourage piracy & add promote your own branding
You can easily prevent illegal sharing of your videos with a password or whitelist your domains as the only domains allowed to host your videos.
Country Blocking
Some of your traffic will come from countries you will never do business with - you can block these countries from playing your videos.

SEE VidStream PRO In Action

Why Trust Us?


Founded In


Happy Customers


Countries Served

5 Million+

Monthly Views


Track Record With Our Sister Product VidMingo

But, Don’t Take Our Word For It

"My online business has been revolutionised by Vidstream Pro!"
"I required a platform for uploading videos for my courses that offered more capabilities in addition to simply hosting my videos. I can quickly construct beautiful landing pages for my classes using Vidstream Pro. My videos' ability to be transcoded and transcribed has saved me a tonne of time. The added value of subtitles is greatly appreciated by my students, and the adaptable video player improves the whole educational process. My classes are much more interesting, and my revenues have increased dramatically as a result of Vidstream Pro."
- Sarah M., creator of an online course
"Although I've used a few different video hosting services, none of them come close to Vidstream Pro."
This completely alters the playing field! I can easily establish and arrange channels because the software is so user-friendly. The platform makes it simple for me to sell my courses directly, so I don't need any third parties to integrate. My viewers will enjoy watching my films without any problems thanks to the video transcoding feature's assurance that they are optimised for various devices. I was pleasantly surprised with Vidstream Pro, and I heartily suggest it to anyone searching for a feature-rich video storage service.
- Digital Marketer Samuel D.
"Until I came across Vidstream Pro, I was having trouble finding a video hosting platform that satisfied all of my criteria."
"The way I offer my content has changed as a result of this technology. I can easily make video compilations using Vidstream Pro and share them with my clients. My website's performance and user engagement have considerably increased as a result of the option to embed videos. I can keep a consistent brand experience thanks to the customised video player. I can't image doing business without Vidstream Pro now that it has become so essential to my operation."
- Emily R., Author of Content
"Vidstream Pro has completely transformed my online coaching business," the author said.
"I've been able to design visually appealing pages that turn visitors into customers thanks to the platform's fast landing pages function. I've found it simple to repurpose my work and connect with a larger audience thanks to the video transcoding and transcription tools. My videos now include subtitles, which not only makes them more accessible to a wider audience but also increases viewer retention. Everything I require to thrive in the cutthroat online coaching market is provided via Vidstream Pro."
- Online Coach David L.
"My video content has improved greatly since I started using Vidstream Pro, becoming much more polished and interesting."
"No matter the device or internet connection, the platform's video transcoding tool makes sure that my videos are of the finest quality. I adore how easily I can alter the video player to properly match the looks of my business. Video management is now a snap thanks to Vidstream Pro's user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities. Vidstream Pro has grown to be a crucial tool for my business, whether I'm sharing films with my staff or embedding them on my website."
- Timothy T., Marketing Advisor
"I can't express how much I like Vidstream Pro!"
"I needed a trustworthy video hosting platform that wouldn't break the budget because I own a small business. Vidstream Pro met every requirement. It's simple for me to upload, arrange, and share my business videos with clients and prospects thanks to the platform's user-friendly design. My ability to cater to a diverse audience has been made possible by the possibility to add subtitles to my videos. Since I started using Vidstream Pro, my firm has gained a professional edge, and conversions have increased noticeably."
- Michael S., Owner of a Small Business

#1 NO BUFFERING EVER - With 120+ Global Pop Servers

Up To 40% Faster Video Delivery Than Major CDNs

For Lower Ad Spend, Improved ROI, Faster Loading Pages

The Only Video Hosting That Saves You Time & Money

Cuts 100’s of hours of uploading & downloading between apps
Saves $100’s /m by replacing multiple apps
Saves $1000’s of hours on Page / Channel & Course Creation*
Saves you $1000’s on essential legal documents
Get Higher Conversions By Thinner, Faster Loading  Landing Pages
Serve Buffer Free Video WITHOUT Huge monthly costs
Play Video Using Our Player from Cloud/S3/Dropbox /One drive/

With World Class Features:

AI Subtitles
AI Transcribing
Text To Speech
Direct Video Links
Responsive Embeds
SEO Optimized
Email GIF/JPG Embeds
Play from Cloud
Password Protect
DRM Security
Domain Embed
Custom Branding
Custom Profiles
Instant Legal Pages
HotKey Player Controls
1M+ Royalty Free Images/Vid Clips
Player Speed Control
Player Customization
Direct Video Imports
On Page Schema
Player Logo Overlay

Here’s How We Compare

To Others

$67 - $147
$228 - $3816
Player Controls
Play Speed Control
Social Streaming
Responsive Embeds
Email Embeds
Direct Video Links
Playlist / Channels
(Billed per user)
Landing Pages
Legal Pages
Social Streaming
DRM Security
Domain Security
Country Blocking
Password Protection
Screen Recording
(Highly Limited)
Cloud / S3 Support
Text To Speech
Multi Lingual Videos
Unlimited Bandwidth
(Top Plans Only)
Unlimited Captioning
Unlimited Recording
Unlimited Media
$67 - $147
$228 - $3816
*Table Based on Sales Pages published on 28/06/2023 E&OE **subject to storage on plan purchased

But, Dont Delay

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& Price Will Increase After First 5000, 10,000 & 25,000 Users


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Starter Plan
Approx 200 videos
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Approx 20 Channels
Unlimited Bandwidth
Uncapped Media
Uncapped Recording
Uncapped Streaming
Uncapped Text To Voice
Pay as You Use AI Transcriptions
Pay as You Use AI Captions
Pay as You Use Transcoding
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VidStream Pro Starter
Best Value Label
Pro Plan
Approx 2000 videos
Approx 2000 Landing Pages
Approx 200 Channels
Unlimited Bandwidth
Uncapped Media
Uncapped Recording
Uncapped Streaming
Uncapped Text To Voice
10,000 Credits/ Month AI Transcriptions
10,000 Credits/ Month AI Captions
1000 VideosTranscoding
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VidStream Pro Professional
Premium Plan
Approx 2000 videos
Approx 4000 Landing Pages
Approx 500 Channels
Unlimited Bandwidth
Uncapped Media
Uncapped Recording
Uncapped Streaming
Uncapped Text To Voice
UNCAPPED AI Transcriptions
UNCAPPED Transcoding
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VidStream Pro Premium
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*Course Sellers Pack Will Be Offered After Purchase*
See Below for All Upgrades & Bundle Deals

Refund Policy & Quality Guarantee

In the highly unlikely event you do not find the product as described we ask that you contact our support & allow us to fix any issues within 30 days. Where we cant fix your issues we will honour a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. Please note we cannot offer a voluntary money back guarantee on this bundle as doing so would would result in merchant charges of over $50. This does not invalidate your statutory rights.


Q How Can Vidstream Pro Offer
One Time Deals?
We are specialists in hosting so we have the best infrastructure in place already, we also offer recurring products in the funnel to cover costs. One time deals will be taken down as we reach our new user targets.
Q Will I Experience Buffering or Outages?
We aim to deliver 100% buffer free video 99.99% of the time even at 4K resolutions. We recommend HD video lower than 100MB for best performance/load speed  for sales & landing pages.
Q What If I Need Extra Storage Capacity Later?
You will be able to upgrade to the offer available at the time whilst Gradaddy deals are open. You can also direct link videos from the cloud without using any of your hosting allowance which means cheap storage will never be a problem.
Q Is There a Development Roadmap?
Yes for the next 3 years we aim to ad many extra features, new integrations. We listen to our users to deliver the best value video hosting on the market & make life easy for you with your video broadcasting efforts.
Q Why Do I Need Video Hosting?
Video hosting allows you to use an unbranded player on your website to reduce your server load & increase your page performance. It also ensures your visitors are not bombarded with third party ads or branding.
Q Can I Be Sure VidstreamPro Will Not Disappear?
Please  google Vidmingo (our sister product) & Primehost - you will see that the products we launched in the past are still there - albeit you will notice the granddaddy deals have now gone. We are here to stay.
Q Why Should I Trust VidStream Pro?
We have 20+ Staff, 24/7 Support, 60 Pop servers already serving over 100TB of video per month to over 5000 users on our sister platform Vidmingo. Our aim is to grow our business by quality of service & recommendations.
Q Are There Any Resrictions On Videos
I Can Upload?
We can’t host anything copyrighted, illegal, fradulent, pornographic or gambling related. Our merchant processors/distribution partners will not allow us to distribute such content. As a rough rule as long as it doesn’t cause us any issues it’s OK.

We Take All The Risk...

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