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Build Lists Faster
In-video optins increase the likelihood of a visitor opting into your list as you directly ask them to act at a specific point of the video. It also saves you having to create optin pages.
Turn More Viewers
Into Buyers
In video calls to action such as: buttons, ads, offers Roll actions allow your customers to make a decision when you present your CTA directly in the video.
Reduce Your Ad Spend
Split testing allows you to see which video variant converts better, which thumbnail is getting more engagement & you can make better data driven decisions.
Increase Your ROI
By using higher converting video variants you will get better conversions & of course this means you will  burn less cash on your advertising efforts.
Make More Affiliate Income
By using in-video tools to direct your visitors to your affiliate offers you increase the potential of a “sale” and of course that means more income for you!
Drive Social Engagement
Using social tools you can ask your visitors to share your video on their favorite social platforms for more traffic / better viral campaigns.

Monetize, Build Lists & Boost Conversions

Boost Your Profits With Our Monetization Tools:
Add your own text or HTML to appear at a specific time
Banner Overlay
Add your own image banners & links
Add your own call to action  buttons
Roll- Actions
Add your own pre-roll, mid roll & end roll actions
Add Your Own Amazon / Shopify product codes

Build Subscribers With Our List Building Option:

Create In-Video Optins
Add your own optin forms at a specific time of a video to build lists.
With 1 Click Connection With These Autoresponders:
Boost Conversions, Lower Ad Spend & Increase ROI With A/B Split Testing
A/B Split Testing
Find out exactly how well your video is working, which thumbnails are getting more engagement. This data allows you to put best video forward, lowering your ad spend & increasing your ROI.
This Option Alone Costs $100’s Per Month
Here’s an example of what others charge for split testing services.
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Control Player Appearance On Individual Videos

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Custom CTAs
Pre, Post & Mid Roll Actions
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